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Welcome to your Transformational Journey

Ever wonder the best way to package your services for your clients?

Something that works amazingly for your clients and provides revenue in your business, is to sequence and package your services at your clients’ current awareness level. Strategically, you will walk them through THEIR journey of transformation.

Sequencing and packaging your services helps turn one-time clients into lifetime clients in a way that has them feeling successful in their journey. They will recognize THE VALUE OF THE WORK you do with them.

The first step in the transformation journey is identifying and breaking down the steps in the order in which they actually occur and solve them to a degree that is appropriate for that level of time, energy and financial commitment. This will keep the focus on the client’s needs at the appropriate time on the journey.

Clients that know that the farther along the journey they get, the higher the stakes get. The farther along the journey your clients get, the more attention, the more skill they will require. The problems don’t go away, they just become more refined and more complex. They become ready to work at a deeper level at each stage.

The beauty of the Client Transformational Journey is that Problem #3 isn’t revealed until they’ve gotten Problem #2 solved. And, so when you use the Client Transformation Journey correctly, you bring people in at the spot that is most appropriate for them. But that’s the only time that you need to market and find the client, because inherent in the solution that they purchased, is the revealing of the next problem. And of course, they’re going to want you to help them.

So a couple cool things that happen for the client when you break down the transformation into steps, and the client gets results from Step #1 is:

  • They believe in you as the person guiding them
  • But they also believe in themselves

So this makes taking the next step in working with you that much easier. They have built up some confidence and trust and are now in a better position to take the work deeper and do the more challenging work.  

It is easier for them to say yes to working with you because you are the one that helped them achieve that result. So now, not only do they want to work with you to solve the next problem… and the next problem…, and then next problem after that…, but anyone that they know that has a problem you solve, they’re going to send them to you.

Now how do you find clients to start and get into the Transformation Journey? We start with a free offer (or resource) to help your potential clients at their current awareness level. This is where we begin to build trust and educate them on their next steps. This is what will help clients begin to start taking steps in the right direction so that they are moving towards the transformation they seek, or even beginning the journey.

Then you move them into your 1st paid offer, and then into a 2nd paid offer.

And at each step, you ask them for a bit more of an investment. An increasing investment in their commitment, their time, their energy, and their finances.  Because now you are helping them solve more complex, more refined problems.

Not only is this how you will create huge impact for your clients, this is where you will see a big transformation in your business as well.

This will allow you to create consistent and reliable income for your business and ease your scheduling. Because you will no longer just be booking session to session, but PACKAGING your services in a way that encourages a bigger commitment from your clients, they will be committing to themselves and the process- and therefore to you as well.

Your client’s results and retention increases. Your business is in a better position to scale to fit the lifestyle and income you desire.  No longer will your rates be based on an hourly basis… but on a transformation basis.

I would love to help you learn how you can make the Transformational Journey for your clients and business, consider taking my Leverage Your Genius Training Course. This course that I offer includes how to attract clients you love working with (we all want that right?), how to generate consistent reliable income and how to develop efficient systems to support your business.

Would love to see you in my group where we can brainstorm what works best for your business. Reach out to me at for more information and we can explore this together.