Do you find it difficult to find the time to connect with other counsellors?


 Feeling isolated?  Burning out? 


I offer a competency-based, process oriented framework for effective counselling practice.




Empowerment Counselling

I will support, guide and empower you to create change, forge new pathways, build confidence and self-esteem, enhance relationships, and feel fulfilled in all areas of your life.



I am not the therapist who will tell you to lie down and go back to your darkest or earliest memories. I am all about you discovering what you want out of your life, relationships and career, and then giving you the tools and support you need to get there. I’ll help you build stronger relationships, enhance your communication skills, and increase your personal power so that you live your dream, with passion.

My mission is for you to LOVE YOUR LIFE, LIVE YOUR DREAM.

Not ENOUGH Clients?
Not the RIGHT Clients?

Would You like to see bigger transformation for your clients?

Discover the … 5 Steps to Attracting Perfect Clients Report and Checklist!

Imagine Your Life…

Imagine feeling happy and fulfilled in your career, relationships and family. Empowered to achieve your goals. Imagine a life that surpasses your wildest dreams, in which you have the freedom to live the way you REALLY want.

My name is Kerry Vega, I am a Success Coach and Clinical Counsellor specialized in helping individuals and couples create success in all aspects of their lives. I’ll help you build healthier relationships, achieve career goals, and avoid the many mistakes that we often encounter while trying to figure it all out on our own.