Overwhelmed?  Stressed Out?


 Feeling isolated?  Burning out? 


I offer a competency-based, process oriented framework for effective counselling practice.




Is your drinking or drug use affecting your relationships or career?
Have you tried to stop or cut-down, but found yourself out of control again?
Even though you don’t drink or take drugs all that often, are you afraid how far you will take it when you do?


Together we’ll work to change your negative patterns and self-destructive tendencies, get rid of the shame and guilt, and establish new healthy patterns. It’s about learning from your experiences and moving forward to create a life you love.

I have over a decade of experience working as an addiction counsellor in numerous government organizations and in private practice, and have worked with a wide range of addictions, from alcohol, prescription and illicit drugs to impulsive spending/shopping, all or nothing thinking, and other extreme behaviours.

As your therapist, I am on your side and always work in your best interest. I will never force you to make changes you are not ready for, or do not believe you need. I will, however, ask that you commit to the therapy process so we can create an action plan for you to break the cycle and find freedom from active addiction.

If you are in a relationship and would like relationship counselling at the same time, I offer couples therapy in conjunction with addiction counselling.

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Not the RIGHT Clients?

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Imagine Your Life…

Imagine feeling happy and fulfilled in your career, relationships and family. Empowered to achieve your goals. Imagine a life that surpasses your wildest dreams, in which you have the freedom to live the way you REALLY want.

My name is Kerry Vega, I am a Success Coach and Clinical Counsellor specialized in helping individuals and couples create success in all aspects of their lives. I’ll help you build healthier relationships, achieve career goals, and avoid the many mistakes that we often encounter while trying to figure it all out on our own.