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Have you been stuck in the same struggle over and over? Ready to create a change?

Relationships Anxiety

Benefits Of Working With a Relationship & Anxiety Counsellor

Tools. Communication. Strategy.
Discover the root of the challenge so that you can start making different choices in how you show up for yourself and your relationships
Break the Cycle
Break free from unhealthy patterns and learn tools to create the relationship and life you want. Strategies and tools to deal with the anxiety so it's not running the show and you can take back your life.
Heal and Thrive
Learn your own triggers, what you need from others, and how to create lasting change.
Hi, I'm Kerry...
As a Relationship and Anxiety Counsellor,

I have spent the last 20+ years supporting clients in breaking the hurtful patterns that we can fall into.

Anxiety & relationship challenges are at an all time high. We have been challenged in ways that many have not experienced before and the old tools and strategies for how we cope might not be working the same.

Anxiety and relationship troubles can be devastating and debilitating. Anxiety harms our connection with the world and everyone around us.

But it doesn't have to be this way.


Love doesn't have to hurt.

Anxiety doesn't have to control your life.

More about me

Your Next Steps

to taking back your happiness
We will create a plan together to help you break free from the patterns that are wrecking havoc, so that you can take your life back.
Take Back Control
Implement the plan, establish lasting changes so that you feel more connected and in control of your own happiness.
When you are ready to take back your life...
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What to expect...

"I am so relieved, I developed tools to move past my anxiety attacks, and had an amazing family vacation without my anxiety holding me back"

"I learned to heal from my narcassistic ex-partner and realized that I do not need to fall into the same pattern"

"We went from co-parents to life partners" 

"I felt disconnected and was thinking about breaking up, to now feeling the love of when we fist met and so much deeper"

"Anxiety controlled my life and now I have taken my power back"

"I was scared to fly, but I did it! The whole trip went smoothly and now I feel like I can handle anything"