Overwhelmed?  Stressed Out?


 Feeling isolated?  Burning out? 


I offer a competency-based, process oriented framework for effective counselling practice.





Relationships, Marriage, and Divorce

Do you feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated?
Are you tired of having the same fights over and over?
Would you like to learn better communication skills?


If you are truly ready to create change and feel happy, I’m more than ready to help. I have counselled individuals and couples through a wide range of relationship issues – dealing with everything from boundaries, addictions and communication skills to divorce, co-parenting and career/family conflicts. I’ll help you change old patterns and create new healthy relationships where you feel loved, cherished and heard. We can either meet in person in my Vancouver office or via Skype.

How couples counselling works

I will meet you individually for the first two sessions to create a safe space for each person to openly discuss their challenges, wants, and willingness to commit to the relationship. This process is different from many couples counsellors, and allows us to build trust and momentum in the counselling relationship much more quickly.

If your partner isn’t ready for counselling

If your partner isn’t ready for counselling, that isn’t a problem. We will simply work on how you can create positive change in your relationship and start addressing your needs right away. After the first two sessions we will either start meeting together as a couple or continue individually, depending on what you will benefit from most.

If you or your partner also struggle with an addiction, and would like to seek out addiction counselling at the same time, I do offer couples therapy in conjunction with addiction counselling.

Not ENOUGH Clients?
Not the RIGHT Clients?

Would You like to see bigger transformation for your clients?

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Imagine Your Life…

Imagine feeling happy and fulfilled in your career, relationships and family. Empowered to achieve your goals. Imagine a life that surpasses your wildest dreams, in which you have the freedom to live the way you REALLY want.

My name is Kerry Vega, I am a Success Coach and Clinical Counsellor specialized in helping individuals and couples create success in all aspects of their lives. I’ll help you build healthier relationships, achieve career goals, and avoid the many mistakes that we often encounter while trying to figure it all out on our own.