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Professional Online Directories Waste of Time or Really Smart?

You may have asked yourself…“Should I list myself on a professional online directory?”

Will it actually benefit my business? Is it worth my time? and Do potential clients really use them to find a professional that can help them?

Basically, “will it bring me more clients and more income?”

And the answer is… it depends! I’m sure that’s not what you wanted to hear but…

When you are in the business of helping people, there can be huge benefits to being listed on a professional online directory, but you have to do it right! Bottom line…Doing it right means, your directory profile ranks high in the site, gets the attention of your ideal clients, and has your clients reaching out to you to book a session.

Otherwise, it can be a waste of time, money, and energy.

Here are a few benefits and hurdles that you need to overcome to have a successful online directory.

First Impression – potential clients seeing your name listed on a directory can actually help make a good first impression, especially if the directory lists credited professionals.

Increased Website Traffic – can help increase your website traffic by sending people from the directory to your website to view/search what you are offering. Which in turn, can also increase your Google rankings, meaning your website will start ranking higher in search engines.

Exposure – a major benefit is it can help people seeking professional help discover your practice. It can be very overwhelming for some seeking help on where to find a person that fits their needs, a directory can help them narrow down to professionals in their area that offer the service they are needing.

Time Consuming – one drawback that can stop a lot of professionals from listing on a directory is it can be very time consuming at the beginning. When you list on a professional online directory you want to make sure you have two things in place, first a great bio on the directory that really speaks to your target audience and second an amazing website for people to view and see your offerings. Both of these items take time to create but the benefits for your business overall can be incredible.

Location – if you are in a major city you may be listed with a lot of other professionals in similar type businesses and it will be hard to stand out. Saying this though when choosing an online directory look for ones that a potential client can narrow their search by location i.e. Postal Code or Zip Code, this would help improve visibility in your area.

Professional Online directories can be amazing but a lot of people are wasting them. They spend money and invest their time in creating an online directory but haven’t really created something that speaks to their audience. A mistake that most make is that they are trying to speak to too many people at once as to keep their options open but by doing this, they aren’t speaking to their desired audience and are not getting noticed on the directory.

If you create compelling messaging for your target audience your directory will stand out.

We live in a technology-based world and it does play a huge roll in how people now search for anything from people to help them, where to stay, what to do etc. Having an online presence via a website and social media and then adding to that with listing on a professional online directory can help potential clients view and research you and your business. People want information, testimonials etc. before they make their decisions, it helps them feel like they have made an informed decision.

Having an amazing professional online directory can be a great benefit for your business. As part of my programs I love helping people get clarity around their overall message, how to have great websites and directories. Join my Facebook group “Profitable Practice by Kerry Vega” where we discuss many similar topics and other element of the programs I teach.