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My 1-2-3 to Build a Business You Love…that loves you back

Whether you are a coach, counsellor or therapist that is full with clients, or are new to the business, I feel you need to have three key elements infused into your marketing… so that you can run a successful business that is not only bringing in profit, but that you love and that loves you back!

I’ll say it again! You need a business that you LOVE and that LOVES YOU BACK!

What does LOVING YOU BACK mean?

It means that your business excites you on a regular basis, that you love who you work with, that you feel like you are making a real difference in the world AND that it allows you to take time off when you want, work the hours you want to work, make the money you want to make… see where I’m going here?

Okay, now let’s talk about HOW you can create this business that gives you the whole “loving you back” piece.


There are three elements to the Genius branding that help you stand out from other people with similar businesses.

The three distinct elements to a successful business marketing plan are:

1. YOU

The first element is YOU…

For many coaches, trainers, and counsellors- this is an afterthought. But I believe it is most powerful to start here. It is the core of everything you do.

Most people base their business around what they can offer, what they believe people need or will pay for (basically what there is a market for), but often forget their own needs, values, and uniqueness… and the importance of highlighting those aspects to potential clients.

People want to work with people that they feel they know, like and trust especially with personal support, healing, and counselling professionals.

By deeply connecting to, and expressing your values, priorities and beliefs in your marketing- you will start building know, like and trust with those individuals that will work best with you. You will naturally repel those people with a conflicting world view while at the same time attracting people with similar views as your own.

This will allow you to start gaining visibility faster with clients you will love working with and with whom you will likely make the biggest impact with.

To help you get started with bringing YOU into your marketing here are some questions you need to ask yourself and be clear on….

1) What are my core beliefs?
Sharing your unique world views will instantly resonate with those who have the same or similar beliefs.

2) What are your top values?
Knowing and sharing your top values will help position you with people with the same values.

3) What are your non-negotiable needs?
What are you not willingly to give up for your business? For me self-care, being at school events with my kids, family time and vacations are non-negotiable.

4) What is your mission with your business? What is the legacy you want to leave behind? Share this widely and wildly 😉

The second element is YOUR AUDIENCE…

Your audience is your potential clients, these will be the ones that will hear your message.

These people have a problem they are aware of and want help to solve it, but they aren’t sure how to solve it. When they are researching for help, usually online, they are researching their symptoms and not necessarily the solution to the overall problem.

A lot of coaches, therapists and counsellors use the solution in their marketing instead of the problems and symptoms their potential clients have. By doing this, potential client’s won’t see you, as their search words won’t be in your marketing message.

I suggest using Pain to Pleasure language…

– First identify what the pain is that they are currently experiencing i.e. their symptoms.
– Second what is their desired future reality i.e. what does their future look like with no more symptoms.

The more you use Pain to Pleasure language the better your potential clients will be able to find you and they will know that you understand them now and where they want to be. You can help them with their solution!

The third element is YOUR BUSINESS…

As much as you love your business you do need a few things to survive and thrive.

You need MONEY… more specifically, you need to be creating profit i.e. pay for your overhead costs, pay for yourself, and have enough left over to grow your business.

Therefore, I always suggest using a Packaging service model for your business. It gives you certainty of finances, as well as schedule, and you aren’t always looking for more clients. Plus, this benefits your clients as you can map out how you will reach their overall solution over “x” amount of time.

Now that you are working on your 3 Genius Brand elements it is time to get out it there!

I suggest implementing your brand in three places to start…Your Website, Social Media and a Blog.

You’ll want to create an Umbrella headline (the very first thing people see) and use the Pain to Pleasure language. Show potential clients that you have a solution to help them, as well as showing them who you are and what you do.

Social Media Profiles:
You can choose Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, whichever platform(s) your potential clients might be. I suggest choosing one to start and getting really good at it.

Make sure your profile images and text reflect your umbrella headline on your website. Also that all words and imagery express YOUR uniqueness.

Create a blog!

I know a lot of people shy away from blogs, but they are really powerful in showing who you are and what you know. Use the pain to pleasure language and make sure when you create a blog that you are consistent i.e. showing up regularly and picking a schedule that works for you.


It’s not about perfection, its about starting, getting out there and then modifying as you go.

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