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How to Get Out of Perfection & Into Action

When is enough ENOUGH?!?

Now don’t get me wrong here… I totally believe in ongoing education and training. But I also believe in ACTION!

And here’s the thing, I meet a lot of coaches, therapists and other business owners who never really get started in their business, not in any REAL way where they are actually attracting clients and making the income they desire, and truly doing the work they desire… and are ridiculously amazing at. You know the work that they are truly gifted with?

Instead they stay stuck in this never-ending cycle of enrolling in more training, being a student again, finishing the training, and re-enrolling in more because of a belief that what they have isn’t good enough. (Well, actually it is but the thoughts often go like this… “If I just take this training, more clients will want to see me, if I just become educated in this technique, I can help my clients more”.)

But they don’t ever get out there and use this education with their clients! Or they attempt it, but with little to no results (meaning no clients calling them), they decide that it must be that they need more… AGAIN! It becomes a trap and a way of hiding.

They become overwhelmed with all the information they have collected and trained on for their business, and don’t know where to start. They think that they just need that one more thing and then they’ll be ready to launch their business but in reality, they just keep educating themselves and not taking any action.

I was reminded of this last week when I stumbled across an image of my daughter Ashley, taken around 6 years ago. Her and this bucket were inseparable, anywhere we’d go she’d race around collecting rocks until it was overflowing. Once it was full she never quite knew what to do with it, it almost seemed to overwhelm her.

A lot of business owners, especially new ones, are a lot like this. They collect and take training and education courses for their business but then they feel so overwhelmed that they literally do nothing with it. Instead they don’t take any action, so they either don’t start their business or their business stays the same.

I call these business owners the perfectionists. Perfectionist people fall into this trap as it is sourced in insecurity, so they always need more and more training. They’re always looking for the next, new, shiny object, rather than focusing on the present moment and taking actions!

Sometimes they will try some of the strategies they have learned but may have little or no success so their insecurities will pop up again and they’ll think they need to learn and train on more and more.

Learning is great but ACTION is better! And by taking action we often learn SO MUCH more.

We compare ourselves to where we want to be, so we try to accumulate MORE, rather than focusing on the RIGHT strategies at the right times, …all of which distracts us from creating our own, unique voice that will enable us to stand out and naturally attract new ideal clients.

For the perfectionist identifying what makes you unique can be extremely difficult as it brings out all of our insecurities, cause it means getting visible (and vulnerable).

So here are a few things to think about if you lean towards being perfectionist, and want to get into action and learn to start attracting more of your ideal clients:

  • Commit to yourself that you will take one step towards getting into your business each and EVERY day.
  • Consider your own history, and write at least one thing that you have been challenged by or struggle you have overcome, and how that experience in itself of having traveled the path of overcoming suffering would allow you to help your clients.
  • Create a daily mantra expressing this confidence in your abilities to help your clients overcome challenges that you yourself have experienced.
  • Focus on what you can offer rather than what you are missing (of course assuming you have already completed the appropriate training and education to be legally practicing in your country)
  • And make a decision to just FREAKING do it! Get out there. Stop hiding. Own your expertise.

To help the perfectionist overcome these insecurities, focus on what makes your business unique. Getting you thinking more about what you CAN offer, instead of what am I missing is a great way to overcome your insecurities and helps to build confidence. Which is really what people are looking for when working with you, confidence.

Another important question is why should someone work with you over someone else, what makes you better? Showing your uniqueness, especially online is really important to help market yourself and to make your brand above someone else’s. People don’t make buying decision based solely on the credentials you might have, they based their decisions on a belief that you understand the pain they are in right now, you understand the results they seek, and you are THE PERSON to help them get there.

This is called client focused messaging… and it builds trust and credibility in an of itself.
Once a perfectionist starts taking action and discovering their voice and messaging instead of leaning on the insecurities of the unknown and gathering more information, they will thrive and then start attracting those amazing clients they want to work with.

To go more in-depth with this topic and to look at traps that can keep you from having the business you truly want to run, check out this free training. Attract Perfect Clients