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Branding not relevant to you? Think Again!

Are you thinking you don’t need a brand because you are in a heart-based service business and not a product-based business?

Did you know that 80% of all purchases are researched online before the purchase is made? This includes service-based businesses. The difference is, instead of branding a product, you are branding yourself.

That’s right, being in a heart-based service business YOU are the brand!

Every business needs a brand, your brand is people’s first glimpse into who you are and what you offer.

Business branding is a key tool used to create visibility and connection with your potential clients -especially online. It is what will have you stand out, and be seen as the obvious choice.

So many people in business think that branding is about the logo, colors and design… that they forget or don’t realize that the content and messaging is actually wayyyy more important. Messaging and your personal branding comes first, then logos and design.

The core of branding, especially in heart-based service businesses, is creating an emotional connection with people before you meet them or start working with them. Showing what you stand for, what your values are and how you position yourself makes a big difference.

Branding is consistency in message so that your ideal potential clients know what to expect from you…meaning they get to know you, and they realize they like you, they learn to trust you, and you become their go-to person when they decide that they need the help that you offer.

Believe it or not, people base their buying decisions more on an emotional connection, rather than on logic. They first decide that they NEED something based on the emotions, and then they back up their decision with on logic. They’ll want to know your credentials too, but this would be secondary.

This is why you MUST have so much consistency in your message. Think about your ideal client and what types of words, phrases etc. they would use and then take that information and use it in your messaging.

Why do this? When people can relate to your messaging you are creating that emotional connection, trust and building a relationship before they reach out to you.

Most important is to make sure to use this language in EVERYTHING that you do including your website, social media, business cards, in person etc.

All of your messaging must be consistent!

Let’s get started…

One of the first places to start with your branding is on your website. Having a kick-ass, client converting, relationship building website is crucial to a successful heart-based business. This is typically where people will go first to check you out, and get information about you and what you offer.

So…here are a few tips to keep in mind for your website:

Attention Grabbing Headline That is Client Focused
Sum up your area of business/practice in one sentence. This is what you are all about as a service provider – so they can quickly decide that they are in the right place.

Remember that you only have a few seconds when potential client’s land on your website. If you don’t get their attention they will click away.

Speak to Specific Audience
Being targeted in whom you are speaking to allows you to address their specific concerns, build relationship, and therefore, intimacy, so they come to a place of recognizing you are a good fit and wanting to work with you.

Easy to Read
When surfing the web we are often quite impatient. We are scanning (not reading) through the content looking for the information that will speak to our specific problem or concern. Make scanning easy.
– Use lots of white space, not crowded.
– Use short paragraphs.
– Use big bold headlines.
– Bold words you want them to pay attention to.

Repeat information that is crucial for them to know in different places throughout your website.

These are just a few of the tips you can use when creating your website…

Want some more website tips?

I share many more tips on how to attract ideal clients to your business in my Website Success Tips cheat sheet which you can Download Here.

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