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3 Steps to Mastering Client Attraction Without Having to Pay for Ads

We all want to attract more IDEAL clients…

WITHOUT having to pay a fortune in marketing or FB Ads…Right?

But How?

I have 3 SIMPLE steps that I follow to attract my ideal clients.

Have you ever heard the saying “less is more”? Most of us have… and when trying to attract clients I use the same saying “doing less is better”.

I know this sounds strange, but its true! You don’t need a bunch of new strategies and ideas. Instead you need to get better at using the tools you already have.

I often see coaches, counsellors and therapists looking for a quick fix, or trying to DO IT ALL! They try social media, email, live events, blogs, tradeshows, workshops etc. They jump on every opportunity, however, not all of them are leading them, directly to their GOALS. I often refer to this as the bright shinny object syndrome.

What they don’t do is stop and think of what they are REALLY trying to achieve? What is their end game, their goal?

I have 3 steps that I use that can have you mastering client attraction that anyone can use and it doesn’t have to cost you money.

Here are the steps I use to help attract ideal clients….

Step #1 – Identify YOUR 90 Day Goal

What is your big goal, what are you trying to achieve?

It could be booking more discovery calls, launching a program, getting more engagement on social media.

Whatever it is… you need zone in on it and make it the 90 day goal.

Step #2 – Map Out Your Activities

Now that you have your big 90 day goal in mind, how are you going to achieve it? You need to think everyday about attracting, nurturing and inspiring your ideal clients.

My tip is to do ONE Attracting activity, ONE Nurturing Activity, and ONE INSPIRING activity each day, to get you closer to your goal.


Attracting your new ideal clients to working with you is easier than you think, once you start bringing people into your community. Bottom line, you will get more people wanting to work with you if your audience is larger.

Some ways of doing this are by…

  • Create a freebie and share it on Facebook
  • Create your own Facebook group and invite people to it
  • Creating and engaging on your Facebook business page
  • Do interviews with other people and their communities
  • Pin your lead magnet as a post in your Facebook group
  • Networking and inviting into your community through FB Group or FB Page

Remember everything you do needs to give value to the potential clients. Showcase what you do, what you are about and what the benefits of working with you are.


So now that you are building your community of people/followers, next is the need to nurture them. Not everyone (actually most people) will not decide to work with you the moment the are introduced to you. Now it is time to let them get to know you, and build trust. Show them what you are all about and what you offer. I suggest doing this daily.

Here are some suggestions on how to nurture your ideal clients…

  • Post/engage daily in your Facebook Page
  • Do a Facebook Live in your Group
  • Engage with people in your groups
  • Create a Facebook group (when you are ready)
  • Create live training for free
  • Create content, blog posts, and share it with your audience
  • Mail to your email list consistently
  • Send out an email to a past client or to someone that has been engaging with you on Facebook
  • Do a FB challenge

By being consistent in your nurturing, you will be helping to build your know, like and trust factor.
Remember it’s not about doing ALL these things. It’s about picking 2-3 and being consistent.


So, you are attracting and nurturing your ideal clients, now you need to INSPIRE them to take an action. There are many ways people can take an action and not all of them are about the “sale”.

Here are some ways that you can inspire people to take a small action…

  • Ask people to share your Facebook Posts if they like them
  • Ask people to join your Facebook Group
  • Ask people to comment on your posts, pages, groups etc.
  • Invite people to participate in a Challenge

Or invite them to a bigger action…

  • Invite people to a discovery call with you off the back end of a FB Live or a Challenge
  • Make an offer for your services in an email, after you’ve been nurturing for a while

Inspiring people to take ownership and take an action even in a small way helps people say a little yes to themselves and to you.

Again, it’s not about doing ALL these things. It’s about picking 2-3 and being consistent.

Step #3 – Commit

Make the commitment to yourself to do ONE Attracting activity, ONE Nurturing Activity, and ONE INSPIRING activity each day, to reach that 90 day goal!

It may seem daunting to do all of the above daily/weekly, but it doesn’t have to be.

My biggest tip is to schedule a time once a week to sit down for an hour or two and create the posts for the following week. I call this “batching your posts”. It is so much quicker and you wouldn’t believe once you start how the creative juices start to flow and more and more ideas for posts come to mind.

Then once your posts are created, schedule them for different days. This will keep you consistent with your audience (and if in between your scheduled posts you get inspired by something… just jump in there and add to the day).

By doing these 3 steps and achieving that 90 day goal you’ll be helping to build a business that you love and that loves you back.

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