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Why Getting ‘Pissed Off’ with Clients will Help You Attract More Clients

I know this sounds crazy… but getting pissed off with your clients will help you attract more of your ideal clients.

You’re probably thinking, BUT THAT IS THE OPPOSITE of how we are supposed to feel about our clients, RIGHT!?! But is it?

Through the years I have made my values and beliefs a part of my business and knowing your values about the world, and how you want to show up in your business is key.

My beliefs may be different then other people’s perspectives, but they are MINE and I have built my business and brand around them, and you can too!

So typically, when you are talking about your beliefs it is hard to know how to use them in your brand and I’m not talking about your fancy logo or designs. But I’m talking about the energy you create with your brand and how you express your voice when talking with a potential client… in person or online.

To help discover what your beliefs are… you can ask yourself a few questions:
– What do I believe in?
– What is the change I want to see in this world?
– What is my quest or mission to change?

You’re probably sitting there totally stumped and that is completely normal. These are hard questions and typically answers don’t just pop into your head (or maybe they do and you are totally dialed in :).

For those that the answers aren’t just top of mind, I recommended using the PISSED OFF approach.

Yes, I said it… PISSED OFF!

Knowing what pisses you off with your clients (or with people in general) can really help you identify your beliefs, because what pisses you off will contradict your beliefs.

So how do you do this?

Start creating your own pissed off list, write down at least 10 things that piss you off, irritates you and/or you have a strong reaction around.
The things that drive us crazy, drive us crazy because they are in opposition to our beliefs in some way … that’s why it pisses us off so much!

Here are some of my piss off list…
– Not doing the work
– Profits over people
– Stuck in the problem, stuck in negative outlooks, stuck in “nothing will change” mentality
– Victim mentality – Shit happens to them

Once you have written down your 10 things, I want you to flip it around and write your belief around each one and how you view it.

For example, “Shit Happens to You” is actually “shit doesn’t happen to us, we each have control over how we respond to our situation, and have a responsibility to create our reality”.

See how I flipped that around to bring out one of my beliefs?

Now your turn, go through all 10 of your ‘pissed off” points and do the same. Flip it around to look at your belief about the world.

Once you have discovered what your beliefs are, start speaking about them!

Create conversation about them, and voice them online, and offline. You’ll start to notice how your beliefs will naturally attract some, and repel others from you. This is what you want!

Voicing your beliefs and what you stand for in this world will actually help guide you to who your ideal clients are. You’ll want to work with people who have similar beliefs as yourself and if someone gets offended with one of your beliefs, then they aren’t your ideal client.

I know this sounds harsh, but in reality… the more quickly you can identify who your clients are, and aren’t, the more effective you will become at attracting those clients that do align with what you stand for.

By learning what really pisses you off will bring out your beliefs and will help make your branding clear on what you DO stand for. This is you being able to show up with your beliefs and values and start attracting your ideal clients. It also allows you to specifically start reaching out to ideal clients.

Now start using your beliefs in your business. Use them in your voice online, in a blog and/or sprinkled through out your website. You can also share about your beliefs in your social media, emails, Facebook. You want to get it into your messaging so you can attract clients with similar values.

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