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Selling from the Heart

I get asked a lot of questions around “How is the best way for me to sell my services”. If you are anything like me the word “selling” can sometimes feel like a dirty word, this type of sales typically is thought of as doing hard sales to achieve your goals. Instead use what comes natural to you, to help potential clients see that you could help them with their problem and show them there is a solution by doing Soulful Selling.

Soulful Selling, otherwise known as heart-based selling, is both a mindset and an action. It is a way of selling that is loving, and relationship building.  

Soulful selling can seem like something out of your comfort zone but really it is not. It’s all about building a trusting relationship with your potential clients that demonstrates that you are already helping them to solve their problems. Serving your clients by lovingly inviting the people that would benefit most from your services to create the transformation they seek (basically you are inviting them into the solution).  Soulful selling is they way to show them HOW to get the help they want and need.

While building the relationship is most important, you also need to feel confident when selling your service offering, if you are confident your clients will trust that you can truly help them with their problems. Having loving enrollment conversations with potential clients will feel good for you and will feel good for the client. You honor your potential clients when you connect with their needs and provide solutions. Your soulful sales conversations will convert well.

There are many sales philosophies and techniques out there, however this industry is very specific, it is about helping people and building relationships. So, trying any non-relationship selling techniques only sets you up for failure and takes you away from what you got into this industry for. That is why soulful selling is so important.

Soulful selling results in a higher number of your potential clients… saying yes… and choosing to move forward with working with you.  How exciting is that!

Soulful Selling is crucial to having you feel authentic in how you show up for your clients WHILE selling your services and creating a great revenue for your business.

Interested in learning more about how you can Soulfully Sell, check out my Leverage Your Genius Training Course. This course includes developing soulful selling techniques, how to create packaged services and ways to attract higher commitment from both existing and potential clients.