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Self Care Tips To Prevent Burnout As A Counsellor or Coach

I don’t know of many business owners who haven’t felt overwhelmed, overworked, or burnt out at some point in their career. It often feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do what we need to do… especially when we’re juggling clients, deadlines, and invoices, not to mention our personal life. However, our personal health and wellbeing is so integral to the success of our business, and no matter how crazy and busy our lives may get we always need to make time for self care to avoid reaching that breaking point. Here are a few of my best simple self care tips to prevent burnout as a counsellor.

Focus on efficiency

One of the biggest contributors of burnout is stress, and this often comes from feeling overwhelmed and having too many things to do in any given day.

This can be tackled by making your days and operations more efficient so you’re using your time more wisely and getting things done more quickly and have time for self care.

Think about things like hiring a virtual assistant to handle your client bookings and email or a marketing agency to handle your marketing can make time for self care. Or using scheduling software to automate the process of booking clients.  Consider outsourcing work to help reduce your load (and make your days more efficient) so you have more time to focus on the things that you enjoy.  Ideally…

only do the things that only you can do…

and outsource the rest

Learn how to say no

What do you love most about running your own private practice?

For many people, including myself, it’s about creating freedom and being in control so you have time for self care and living the life you desire.

However, many business owners find it hard to say no, which can mean your time is being eaten up by things that aren’t serving you in the best way. To prevent burnout as a counsellor or coach, try being more selective with how you spend your time… so that your energy isn’t being spent on things that aren’t benefitting your wellbeing (and self care) or your business, and that you’re fully in control of your time.

Rediscover your purpose in your work

Another one of my best self care tips to prevent burnout is to rediscover your purpose.

Think about your why.

Why did you start your practice? Why do you want to help people? What are your goals and values?

If the work you’re doing at the moment doesn’t fit your “why”, perhaps that’s the reason you’re feeling burnt out. Rediscovering your purpose might mean making changes to your practice, but these changes… and some good self care …might be what’s needed to help you live in your inspiration again.

Prioritize your health

Finally, if you’re not looking after your physical and mental health, you won’t have a strong self care foundation for your practice to thrive. Prioritize your wellbeing and make time for you.

Book yourself in as a client and keep your appointments!

Consider meditating or exercising in the morning, or create a no email rule before 9am so you have time to breathe and do some self care before work begins. Take time out for your family and friends. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people, and remember that if you’re mentally on top form, your practice success will follow.

If you want to discuss more self care tips to prevent burnout as a counsellor or coach, reach out today to chat!