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Real Success – Are you really prepared for it?

As a business owner we wish for, pray for, set goals for our business…

But are you really prepared to actually SET those goals and GET those goals?

Are you ready for your first 10k month? Are you ready for a full client load?

Cause here’s the thing … when your business gains the momentum you’ve been striving for… do you have your business set up to be able to serve those clients and not burn out?

I started thinking about this a few weeks ago when I rushed outside to sit in the sun… excited… hopeful… first day where it’s warm enough to sit in my pj’s and drink my coffee.
And then I spent my time hiding my face from the sun because I didn’t come prepared. 😎

As I sat there, I started thinking of how many business owners are similar in that sometimes they don’t prepare themselves for this amazing business they want to have. Sure, they plan the stuff to get their clients but then they get them, and they can’t keep up. That’s when burnout starts to happen.

Building and growing your business to the point that it FEELS SUCCESSFUL: financially you’re feeling at ease, emotionally you’re inspired every day cause you are working in your genius, you’re creating a difference in your clients lives, and in the world… well, that takes more than just a few more clients.

That takes knowing WHICH STEPS to take and WHEN. And a big part of this is knowing HOW, and WHAT, to prioritize so that you are attracting clients ongoing, and set your business up for this kind of success (real success).

Here are some tips on how you can help prepare yourself and your business in advance for when you’ve achieved those goals and that full client load you were hoping for…

Having great systems… will help your business run smoothly. The set-up at first does take time… but once in place they help cut down a lot of the manual labor of your business. Developing systems and automating as much of your scheduling client sessions, billing and accounting is a great place to start.

Do you have the mindset, the resiliency and the skills to continue building your business while delivering amazing results and transformation for your clients?

Hiring a VA…Have you ever thought of hiring a virtual assistant to help you do most of the administration tasks for your business? Just think about it…they can answer emails, schedule appointments, send out billing etc. They can create forms and documents (in probably a fraction of the time it takes you to mess with the formatting, and it likely looks waaaay better!), and do client reminders. Think how you could put these extra hours to better use; the cost versus benefit is HUGE. Then it would free up your time to do what you love doing, helping your clients or attracting more clients!

Scheduling self-care as your business takes off you’ll want to keep doing more and more but if you don’t take the time for self-care you will fast approach burnout. What I tell people is schedule your self-care, put it in your calendar. I know it can sometimes feel “easier said than done”, especially when it comes to having to turn down a client session for your own appointment with yourself… or it seems easy to just bump your self-care session to another time and accommodate both. But in my experience, this never happens. Once I start bumping the priority of my needs and my self-care, suddenly I start losing priority in my schedule and then I look back and can’t remember when the last time I went for a run was or went for a massage.

The reality is if you don’t take time for your self-care, you will become burnt out and not be able to help your clients to the level that I know you can. When you are relaxed, balanced and feeling great, you can give your client and everyone around you the best possible you. Which is honestly what the client is wanting… and really don’t you want to be the best possible you too.

These are just a few suggestions to help you achieve your goals and not get burnt out while doing them.

My mission is to help you build a thriving business that supports YOU as well as supports your CLIENTS. What I mean by this, is that earlier definition of success: Great income so that you feel financially at ease, truly fulfilled by the business you’ve built cause it’s you working in your genius with clients you love working with, and creating a huge impact in the lives of your clients as well as your community and the world.

Sound Amazing… I think so!

I would love to help you get your business prepared for the amazing things you can achieve.

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