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New Year’s Resolutions Can Kiss My A**!

The traditional way of setting New Year’s Resolutions just rubs me the wrong way. It’s a focus on what we haven’t done or where we don’t feel good enough. Focus is on all the things we DIDN’T do this last year, rather than looking at what WE DID DO!

You are AMAZING! Let’s remember that! Let’s do New Year’s differently this year…

I have a tradition at this time of year, every year. As the year comes to an end and the new one is upon us, I meaningfully and purposely take the time to reflect on the past year and all that I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED. I check in with myself about where I challenged myself, how I have shown up authentically, how I’ve been vulnerable. I check in with myself about the things that really matter to me. Where I started last January, and where I am now.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to not create goals for yourself. I believe strongly in creating goals, having a vision, and then taking the steps necessary to get there… But FIRST focus on where you kicked ass! Acknowledge where, and how, you honoured yourself and what matters most to you.

And then you can look at what goals you have for the coming year. Start with a “pat on the back” for all your amazing accomplishments from the past year.

Join me in sitting down and really looking at and remembering all that you have accomplished in one year.

Sometimes we are so busy moving forward that we forget to take the time to reflect on everything we have done. Usually when I reflect back, I remember something totally amazing that I accomplished and had forgotten about. Reflection is a great way to sit back from your busy life, look at what has happened and then start thinking of what you can do the following year to continue your journey to achieving the goals and vision you hold for yourself and your business.

Do you write your new years resolutions down? If you do, take them out and look at everything you have achieved this past year, areas that you had movement around and areas that you still need growth in.

Once you have looked at the past year, it is time to look at future and what you want for yourself and your business for 2019.

Ask yourself a few questions to help get the ball rolling on your goal setting for the year ahead…
– Are you taking time for YOU?
– Are you surrounding yourself with high-vibe people?
– Are you passionate about your business?
– Are you working with YOUR ideal clients?
– Are you bringing in the income you thought you would?
– Where would you like to see more growth?

Once you have gone through the above, it is time to set some goals for yourself and your business. Write them down, when they are written down it is easier to plan how you can achieve them.

Then you want to breakdown your goals into manageable time frames, like what do you want to accomplish or change in the next 3 months. Sometimes we plan these new goals but don’t give ourselves realistic time frames, so it can become very overwhelming. If you start by planning what you want to happen in the next 3 months and then 3 months after that you can manage your expectations of your goals. Plus, if you are accomplishing goals every 3 months think of all the celebrating you can do.

Once goals and resolutions are mapped out, look at what your next steps need to be. Start thinking of solutions to help you get to where you want to be by this time next year. Can you achieve your goals on your own or would it be helpful to have a mentor help you get there? Should you hire someone (like a Virtual Assistant) to help you with some of the everyday business stuff, so you can focus on helping your clients and doing what you love. Do you surround yourself with like-minded high-vibe people that are out there making their goals and dreams a reality?

When you create achievable, manageable goals for yourself and your business you are much more likely to achieve those goals and have more “wins” for yourself. I’m looking forward to seeing all the goals accomplished for 2019!

P.S. If starting (or growing) a “helping others” business (coaching, counselling, therapy or any of the healing arts) is part of your plans for 2019…I’d love to invite to you a new FREE TRAINING I’ve just put together called: Attract Perfect Clients… with EASE!