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My Top 4 Values in Life and How They Show Up In My Business

I get asked often, “So, what is the secret for attracting ideal clients? How do you do it?”

And here’s the thing…

It’s not a one-word answer, as there are many elements to attracting those ideal clients… but one of those elements, is incorporating your core life values into your business.

As a coach, counsellor or therapist you are in a service-based (heart-based) business, meaning, you are the brand! As part of your brand, you want to reflect the values you live in your life.

You want your brand and messaging to show who you really are. A mentor once said to me: “People don’t care about what you do or how you do it until you give them reason to care. Until they care about YOU”. Remember this is the first glimpse that a potential client gets of you, so you are trying to create an emotional connection (or response) with them from the start. Did you know that most people make purchasing decisions based on emotion first and then back it up with logic? Values allows you to create an emotional connection.

It’s the start of building that trusting relationship, based on mutual values.

It’s the know, like and trust factor. If they feel like they know the real you, like who you are and trust the messaging you are giving… they are more likely to want to work with you.

You will find that infusing your values into your business will attract clients that have similar values as your own (or those that strive to live by the same values), and will help to build that trust relationship.

Here are my top 4 values in life and how they show up in my business…

Willingness… Having a successful business does not happen overnight. You need to be willing to get in the game, take risks and be ok to get it wrong but have the willingness to keep going. It is also my antidote to perfectionism. Waiting for everything to be perfect means that nothing will get done and you will not be serving your clients. You must be willing to take those risks.

Authenticity… Being ME in all shapes and forms, like on my amazing days and also on my not so good ones. We are all unique and you want to show that in your business. Clients want you to be transparent and honest and to share your journey. By doing this you are building that trusting relationship with your clients, they feel like get to know the “real” you. People don’t want to work with someone that they think is fake. They want someone that is relatable, and can offer a solution to their problem. They want to know that you “get” them and understand their challenges. Sharing your journey allows them to see that you understand, and that it IS possible to overcome these challenges.

Community… Is how I love to build a connection with someone. I thrive on meaningful connection, so I infuse it throughout my biz. Having group programs, Facebook groups, live training and Facebook live videos are all ways that I help to build my community. When people are part of a community, they encourage one another and really bring people up. They support you in all that you are going through and trying to accomplish. It’s like having a cheerleading squad chanting for your while developing yourself and your business. I personally believe that we cannot build a thriving business in complete isolation. I know I can’t. I need community. I need mentors. I need support. Trying to do it all on my own would have me running in circles chasing my tail. So, I encourage community and connection in everything I do because I believe it offers so much value.

Integrity… To me, integrity is being true to your word and walking your talk! If you are talking about it, teaching, sharing information etc. you better be using it yourself. It means, staying true to my word, and delivering what I promise. I live by the motto: “always over deliver”. I always want to provide more value, more service to leave my audience saying “WOW, I can’t believe I learned all of that” or “Wow I can’t believe that she gave that away for free”.

I bring all of my 4 values into my business Willingness, Authenticity, Community and Integrity. With all of these infused into my biz, I have a business that I love, I’m attracting ideals clients that have similar values to my own and that I love to work with.

Now its your turn, what are your Core Values?

Think about when life is good…when you’ve felt fulfilled, happy, successful in life and in business. Write down all of the things that were important to you at the time and then start narrowing them down. My suggestion is to have 3-4 core values that can show up in your business.

Know that your values can change overtime too, so if you already have a list of values maybe it is time to revisit them to make sure they are still top of mind or maybe they have shifted since the last time you thought about them.

Once you have your values, look at how you can infuse them into your own business.

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