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Is Marketing Your Business Stressing You Out?

One of the top complaints I get from clients is around marketing their business. They have “tried” everything and nothing is working. They either don’t receive clients or are attracting clients that they don’t want to work with. Does this sound like you?

As coaches, counselors and therapists it can seem overwhelming to pick the right avenue to market your business and attract the right clients. There are so many different ways…websites, directories, Facebook, Facebook ads, blogs, video blogs, marketing funnels, Instagram etc. And each month there seems to be a new, better way to market yourself and your business.

Not knowing which is best for you, it is easy to fall into wasting allot of time or money… and likely continuing to jump from one thing to the next. (Can you say “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome”?) Or to constantly look for the “magic pill”…. You know that “thing” that some marketing guru promises will make you $60,000 in 1 month, if only you buy their program… it will be the answer to all your problems… or so they say. But here’s the thing…a lot of these “new great ways of marketing” can cost a lot of money with no guarantee that you’ll attract the right clients for your business. And often, they might be great… but are not WHAT YOU NEED RIGHT NOW.

Marketing your business does NOT need to feel overwhelming (or like this big daunting task), nor does it need to cost you a ton of money.

Okay, so now you’re probably thinking, “Ok this “may” sound like me, but how do I change it?”.

The answer is simple. You get clear on your message and your voice. And then you get it out here.

Now what does this mean?…

Clear on Your Message: The #1 key to making the most of your marketing dollars (and your time and energy) is to be Clear on Your Message! You need to know who are you speaking to, what are you speaking about, and what you want to stand for, and ultimately …be known for. If you know these things and your message is clear, marketing your business will come naturally and be that much easier.

Clear on Your Voice: Now that you have a clear message…Having your own personality and voice come through in your marketing is the next key element to successful marketing. By doing this, you are allowing people to really get to know you, and in return are building trust and the relationship before they even become a client. People don’t want just another coach, counselor or therapist, they want to connect with someone. They want to feel that you can truly help them with their journey.

Get it Out There: Once you have a clear message and voice, you can look at which avenue of marketing really works for you and your business. Maybe it is writing a blog and then posting snippets of it on social media so it drives people to your website, maybe it is doing a video blog where people can see and hear your voice first hand so they can get a great feeling of who you are or maybe you have a rocking website that really speaks to who you are and what you can do for them. Sometimes doing a combination of marketing really helps get your message across and attract those perfect clients for you and your business.

Like I said above marketing your business doesn’t need to feel overwhelming BUT if you don’t have a clear message and voice, you will continue to go in circles with little to no results to show for it.

I would love to help you learn how you can create clear messaging for your business, and discover your voice. Knowing which steps are right for you and how to make the most of your time and budget. We cover this and much much more, to help you grow your amazing business in my Unleash Your Genius and my Leverage Your Genius Training Courses

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