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How You and Your Client Both Win with Packaging Sessions

HAVE YOU ever thought about offering your services as a package of services, rather than just booking session to session?
There are huge benefits to the clients… (sense of achievement, a clear goal, being able to budget for a certain level off transformation, etc)
AND HUGE benefits to you as the service provider…
You can stop worrying about session to session one offs and instead package and promote in clear effective ways.
Your clients will thank you… your business will thank you 

Does transformation happen in one session for your clients?
I think ….not…
So why is it that so many therapists and coaches have been taught to book single sessions rather than a package of sessions?
Think about it…
How many sessions would your clients need to achieve the first level of results in working with you… that first real shift… that first huge A-HA!

Now think about how empowering that is for your clients, to have a clear idea as to what they can achieve after (let’s say a package of 10 sessions). Having a clear beginning, middle, and an end (to this series of sessions or services).
When they achieve the first level of results… now they are ready to do more work… they have a win in their pocket… they are feeling like change really is possible…
And then, of course you do case planning to look at the next level of service.

When I first started out, I booked session to session, and would just hope that they would book again. Over time as I became busier, I started prompting them to book multiple sessions so that they could get the time slot that worked best for them.
But one day… EVERYTHING changed!
I realized that I would be of more service to my clients if I could give them a clear goal to work on with a specific number of sessions.
So I tried it…and my packaged sessions became my favorite strategy!

The next consult call I did with a new client, I spoke to them about a package of 10 sessions, and what they could expect from those 10 sessions. The client LOVED it! They said that they felt less fearful knowing that they were only committing to 10 sessions rather than “for life”…

So… I continued this practice, realizing that a single session wasn’t going to help them create the change that they were looking for…
And I am all about helping them achieve the transformation that they desire…
But, not only did this help my clients, packaging my services helped me as a business owner.
My scheduling became easier, the commitment from the clients became stronger, the consistency of their results became more visible…
And my income increased as I was now serving my clients based on the transformation that they seek rather than on a session to session basis.

I would love to help you learn how you can make the move to package your sessions, consider taking my Leverage Your Genius Training Course ( This course that I offer includes how to attract clients you love working with (we all want that right?), how to generate consistent reliable income and how to develop efficient systems to support your business.

Would love to see you in my group where we can brainstorm what works best for your business. Reach out to me at for more information and we can explore this together.