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How To Invest in Yourself And Practice What You Preach

Practicing what we preach is something that’s easier said than done.

Ask anyone in the helping profession.

We spend our days guiding our clients to help them achieve better personal wellness, but who’s offering us that same level of support?

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or you’re facing mental blocks, how often do you follow your own guidance and truly look after yourself?

It’s so important to invest in yourself and practise what you preach yet it’s something a lot of counsellors and coaches tend to neglect. We put so much focus on the wellness of our clients when actually, our personal wellbeing and mindset are equally as important.

In order to help your clients in the best way, you need to make sure you’re checking in and looking after yourself. While it’s very rewarding, counselling and coaching can be an emotionally exhausting career which if ignored, can easily lead to things like high-stress, depression and anxiety.

You want to be on top form to be the best support for your clients, but that involves taking care of you and being in tune with your mental wellbeing. Here’s how to invest in yourself and practice what you preach and why it’s important as a practitioner.

Start the day with something you love

One thing that I often recommend to my clients is starting the day with meditation or a form of exercise. This helps you to connect with yourself, feel calm and balanced first thing and it means that you’re not starting your day with work. I also try to practice this myself as I find it aids productivity and relieves tension and stress. It’s investing in yourself.

Be conscious of the signs of burnout

We’re counsellors and coaches but we’re not superheroes, so unfortunately things like burnout and compassion fatigue are possible given the nature of our work. However, we can prevent this from happening by being conscious of how we’re feeling and recognizing signs of burnout and emotional exhaustion. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed or impaired in any way, don’t ignore it. Remember, sometimes we need to take a step back to propel forward, but it’s always worth it if it helps our wellbeing.

Share your concerns

A problem shared is a problem halved, and just because your role is to help others that doesn’t mean you can’t seek out help yourself. A lot of counsellors and coaches will see a therapist of their own to help them work through any difficulties or a coach to help them to achieve more success and development in their business which is highly valuable and something I recommend.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and practice what you preach? Reach out today to talk about how we can help you to become the best version of you!