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Goals…It’s the journey not the destination

Goals are a topic that can either get you really excited or having you running for the hills. I believe strongly in creating goals, having a vision, and then taking the steps necessary to get there but they shouldn’t overwhelm you as you are working towards them.

Let me remind you…when we set a goal it’s not about achieving that direct goal but more about the self awareness and positive changes you make in the pursuit of that goal. A lot of people get so focused on the goal and how they can check it off their list but what they don’t do is stop to realize how they themselves and their business are evolving.

I like to think of it like a road map…no road or destination is a straight line from point A to point B. You stop along the way to look at points of interest like a view point, stopping for a coffee or just a little break.

Goals are like a road map; you map it out thinking it will be like a straight line but goals never are. Sometimes taking that chance and going off the beaten path allows you to see and create something amazing that you had never thought of.

Here are a few tips to help you keep working towards your goals…

Create daily intentions for your goals. These will hep your goals feel more attainable. Even making a quick phone call or sending an email is fine. If you do this, you’ll find that achieving your goal will be closer and closer

– Stay flexible. Things are going to happen that will make you need to revise and realign your goals. This is ok, as long as you are still moving forward.

– Self Care – If you’re stressed out, overworked and malnourished, you’ll never reach your goals. Or, if you do, you’ll be wrecked by the time you finish. In order to preserve your health and sanity, be sure to focus on self-care throughout the process of realizing your dreams. Your mind and body will thank you.

– Check in with yourself about your progress. How much closer are you to meeting your goals? Are you doing everything you can to make your dreams a reality? Doing this daily, weekly or monthly helps you break down what you have done and where you are going.

You will succeed if you don’t give up, but if you use the tips above it will help you feel more on track. When you create achievable, manageable goals for yourself and your business you are much more likely to achieve those goals and have more “wins” for yourself. And with each win you will build confidence to set your next goal a bit higher. I believe in setting goals that stretch you a little, but are within your ‘zone of believing that it’s possible’.

Remember the journey you take to achieve these goals is just as important as the result you desire. After all, it’s the process that gets you where you want to be, not the result itself.
If you keep your mind glued to what you haven’t yet achieved, you won’t be fully present in the journey. Remind yourself to love and appreciate the process of reaching your goals. Honoring the adventure will help you to stay confident, positive and motivated.

I would love to help you with achieving your goals and creating a success business for yourself.

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