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Don’t Have Time for Self-Care?

As therapists, counselors and coaches we are always helping others with their transformation and their goals to become a better them… but do you stop to help yourself be a better you?

I recently had a day where I almost cancelled my self-care morning because “I didn’t have time”…the struggle was real, I had projects due and was up against a time-crunch… BUT eventually I kicked myself in the pants and did it anyways. Giving myself full permission to show up for myself…which I know allows me to show up for my clients and my business in such a bigger way always.

Time is usually the number one factor in people not taking time for themselves, something always pops up… either with your business, family, or friends, that you feel should take priority over your own personal plans- so you cancel your time for YOU, and you show up for others instead. Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing though… Self-care time though NEEDS to take priority! I know, easier said than done…RIGHT? But what I recommend is, schedule your “me” time into your calendar, just like you would a client appointment. This way you have already scheduled the time and it won’t be overlooked or missed, guaranteeing that you won’t book something else instead. And then KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENT with yourself rather than bumping it in favour of someone else’s needs.

Why is self-care so important? Especially for those in the service-based field, a huge factor is burnout. Often, we are more invested in other people’s well-being than our own. When we’re naturally inclined to take care of others, we often fail to notice when we’re not looking after ourselves properly.

If you’re frequently feeling stressed or anxious, low on energy, easily irritated, or you’re generally not happy, this may be a sign that you’re neglecting your physical and emotional health and that you need to take action.

Think about it, if you are stressed, have low energy, or are unhappy… are you really helping your client the best that you can? The answer is probably NO. If you are starting to feel burned-out, your client indirectly will feel it too. It’s an energy that you unknowing project, it isn’t only felt by you, but by the people around you. When you are relaxed, balanced and feeling great, you can give your client and everyone around you the best possible you. Which is honestly what the client is wanting… and really don’t you want to be the best possible you too.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Ok, so I need some self-care time… but what do I do?”

Well, do what you LOVE! Exercise, read a book, go on a hike or walk, spend time with friends. (I personally feel my best when spending time in nature hiking, walking, running …or drinking coffee.)

Taking time for self-care is not just about nourishing your body or doing what you are told you “should do”, it is nourishing your soul too.


I know when I go on a hike in the morning, I feel rejuvenated after which makes me more creative and passionate for my day.

So, what do you do that makes you feel amazing and gives you the self-care you need? Tell me in the comments below…you never know, something one person is doing may also interest you too.

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