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Does the word “Selling” Usually Turn You Off or Make You Hide?

A lot of people in heart-based businesses, i.e. service type industries, feel like they don’t need to know how to sell, since their offerings are not about selling a product. They think that selling is more for corporate types and just isn’t needed for them. The reality is everyone that owns a business including those in the Wellness industry, Coaches and Therapists need to know how to sell their services.

A lot of different thoughts come to mind when you think of selling…fear, doubt, pushy, gratitude, love, excitement, nervousness? So many of us think differently when it comes to how we sell our services. Some are more fearful of it, while others get enthused just thinking about the next one. What each person believes about selling can drastically change based on our personality types, how we view our business and the types of clients we want to attract.

I recently asked in one of my program discussions what they believed about selling. It was interesting to see that each person had their own take on it and how they looked at selling moving forward. Some get very excited about the thought of it, while others fear that they are being too pushy and then will be rejected before they actually start to sell.

We all have the fear in the back of our mind that what we are offering will be rejected but maybe it’s not what your offering that is the rejection. Maybe it’s the person you are talking to doesn’t believe they need help solving a problem or they aren’t ready to change. Until someone realizes they want to make a change, they won’t be ready to buy/commit to any services you are offering. If you believe you can help them talking with them is the most effective way for them to see the value in a solution that you can provide.

Then there are some people that are really excited to sell their services because they know they can help a person through their transformation. They believe that clients will be drawn to them, which is true. But have you stopped to ask yourself why some people have clients easily attracted to them? If you are confident in your offerings, have packages and programs that speak to your audience and can easily have conversations around what you can do, then yes you will have clients be more drawn to you.

In my last blog, I talked about “Soulful Selling” otherwise known as heart-based selling and how it is both a mindset and an action. It is a way of selling that is loving and relationship building. I believe selling is all about the relationship you build with someone through your conversations. Through conversations, you can learn a lot about someone including some problems they may be having. By providing a solution or insight into a problem you are showing the person you are talking with that you can and want to help them find the best solution. By doing this you are inadvertently offering your services without actually doing the sales pitch talk.

If a person recognizes that they need help with change and that you are the person to help them, then they will be open to your offerings and will be a “Yes” for moving forward with you. Some may still say “No Thank You” and accepting that in a loving way shows that you understand and know that you have offered a solution to them but they aren’t ready yet to make that change. In the future, they may contact you when they decide they are ready for a change. Soulful Selling is all about creating relationships with people and wanting to help them make transformations to their lives.

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