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Can you make money with a Niche you are passionate about? YES, You Can!

A lot of coaches, counselors and therapists have the concern that if they choose a Niche, that they won’t be able to make any money at it …as they would be limiting their potential clients. Not True!

Niching will actually get you more clients!

If you are passionate about what you do and have clarity around the people you would love to work with, you’ll be attracting clients that you want to work with and that want to work with you.

Now is usually when I hear the excuses ….well I live in a small town and there aren’t many people, what if what I’m offering is really different from the norm or my potential clients don’t earn enough money to pay me?

Creating clear messaging is the key to your success with any niche.

If you are clear on who your ideal client is, what their challenges are and how you can help create a solution for them, you will attract the right clients in any town, with people that can pay you to help them reach their goals.

Once you have determined who your ideal client would be, next you need to create messaging that really speaks to them by using their language. No, I don’t mean go and learn a second language. I mean listen to the words, phrases, terms etc. that they use and then use that in your messaging.

When developing your message, using similar language to your ideal clients will help reach those you want to work with. They will feel like you really understand them and can help them provide a solution to their problem. Also, it helps to build trust between you and your client, its all about the relationship building.

Here are some ways to discover what type of language your clients use? Send an email or call 3-5 current clients, or people you know that could be potential clients, and ask them a few questions…

– What keeps you awake night?
– What thoughts are running through your head at night?
– What are your stresses?
– What are the biggest challenges you are facing?
– If I could wave a magic wand, what goals and results would you desire?

When they answer these questions LISTEN! Listen to the language they are speaking, most likely they will use more blunt language then they normally would when they are speaking to a coach, counselor or therapist.

Now that you have listened to how they speak you can build your clear messaging using some of the same words and phrases. When people hear “their head thoughts” or their words and phrases repeated back to them, they feel like you really understand them and what they are needing to take action on. You are speaking to their immediate concerns and providing a solution, and at the same time starting to build the trusting relationship.

Now is the time to get to work and figure out what you are really passionate about helping your clients with, and who to you want to work with? I would love to help you learn how you can create clear messaging for your business, and discover your voice. We cover this and much much more, to help you grow your amazing business in my Unleash Your Genius and my Leverage Your Genius Training Courses.
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