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Big Journeys Begin with Small Steps

Have you ever wondered why some clients show up for a session or two… and then never show up again?

They begin this journey with you because they have a need…

Clients don’t like their current situation and don’t like how they feel- THEY WANT A CHANGE!

They start the change and commit to the first couple of sessions, but then after those sessions the commitment to change often vanishes.

Sometimes it’s the motivation that changes and sometimes life just gets in the way and all that work is forgotten.

Do you know why this happens?

Time after time I see coaches and therapists ask way too much of their clients, too soon….

The client is asked to enroll in weekly coaching, healing, or therapy, and told that the process could take years…

without a clear end in sight.

And often without measurable tangible goals.

Can you imagine being asked to commit to something with no clear end in sight and no milestones to reach along the way. How would that make you feel?

Like your client, you would likely become overwhelmed, fearful, and want to run away after only a few sessions. The financial burden alone can feel daunting, never mind the time and energy involved. All of this leads to lack of motivation. It’s really easy to stop a process when it feels like you’ve only just started. Without having specific results or steps in mind, the commitment isn’t strong enough to keep going.

…Imagine instead,

that your clients are only asked to commit to 10 sessions to achieve a specific measurable result. Once they have achieved that result they would gain a feeling of success. Then their motivation to continue along this journey would increase.


You would have buy-in. Now your client is ready for the next series of 20 sessions to achieve the next level, or next deeper result.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes… how much higher would your client’s commitment be if clear steps led to clear achievements that they could build upon for greater success?

Imagine… how amazing their transformation would be if your client continued to see results, feel successful in their process, and purposely commit to the next level every step of the way?

Then, they would be much more likely to continue doing the work, more likely willing to continue recommitting to the journey of transformation. And with every step, willing to invest more time, energy and finances.

Often we just ask for too much, too soon. Have you found yourself doing this? Do you want to know how to change it?

The important thing to remember when structuring your services, is start with a lower commitment level, and increase the gradient of commitment (financial and time wise) with each step.

This will allow your clients to continue to remain engaged in the journey and achieve maximum transformation.

This is a win-win for your clients …and for your business.

If you would like help in structuring the milestones and building success for your clients, check out my Leverage Your Genius Training Course ( This course includes developing efficient systems to better support your business and how to create packaged services to attract higher commitments from clients